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TV Serial based on Malaysian Tamil Novel

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The winning novel from the Tamil Novel Writing Competition that was organized by Astro Vaanavil and Malaysian Tamil Writer’s Association in 2007 is being turned into a television serial in India. Author Mangalagowri’s Malligaigal Niram Maaruvathillai about an Indian woman who held on to her principles against big odds will be turned into the TV serial Senthoora Pooveh that will begin airing on August 8 of this year.

from New Straits Times
Novel Look at Local Tamils

AN award-winning local Tamil novel will soon be the first to be featured as a television serial in India.

Author Mangalagowri won the grand prize of the Tamil Novel Writing Contest organised by Astro Vaanavil and the Malaysian Tamil Writers’ Association in 2007.

Her winning novel, Malligaigal Niram Maaruvathillai, is about a woman who stood by her principles against all odds.

It impressed one of the contest judges, Samuterakani, a director from India, so much that he decided to turn the novel into a drama serial.
According to Astro’s head of Indian Programming Dr N.C. Rajamani, the television serial will be aired on India’s Sun TV.

“It is a chance for local talents to be recognised internationally,” he said.

Samuterakani expects the drama to be “a hit and the talk of the town” when it releases.

The serial will be called Senthoora Pooveh and will be directed by Anandbabu, who has directed drama serials such as Engiruntho Vanthaal, Surya Vamsam and Thiruvilayaadal.

The show will start shooting on Monday and air from Aug 8.